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SAS provides the best in TV technology and security systems at a very competitive price. If your home, rental property or commercial business is experiencing poor picture quality or you are looking to upgrade your system to the latest in technology, or worried about security and would like to have a  security system installed that will deter most criminal activity. Then SAS is the one stop shop for all your needs.

Aerials, satellites, CCTV,  wall mounted TV’s, cinema rooms, in home networking, wifi hotspots around your home or business, and top of the range speaker systems for great quality sound.

We cater the Dorset and Wessex area from domestic aerials to commercial contracts, with a wide range of aerials and satellites to cater for Freeview, Freesat and Sky.

We are experts in signal issues, we are able to tailor any installation to suit your needs from 1 room to 1000 rooms.

We can also install wall mounted TV’s and hide all the cabling for that high end finish. We even have a selection of TV’s which can be fitted into your bathroom.

We work with hotels to create bespoke installations to suit their customers needs. This includes having access to international channels on TV’s in each bedroom / suite. We also install high end security and CCTV systems to serve their security needs for peace of mind for both staff and customers.



Make crime much more difficult for burglars  by asking us to install a full home security system for you and your family. We can arrange your CCTV system to record onto a separate recorder.This means that at any time you can check the system to see what is going on around your property.
Night time viewing is never a problem because our systems have Infra-red Night Vision built in. Those hidden areas may look dark to you but our CCTV cameras for the home will view them clearly and easily.

If you want your system connected to your iPhone, iPad or android device this can also be arranged. Choosing the right CCTV home security system for your home may seem like a difficult decision but not when we get involved. We can guide you through the best options for you, from the less expensive basic systems to the more bespoke installation.
If this is what you need, we have the perfect system for you.

Whether your home is big or small, our home CCTV systems can enable you to:

  • Ensure you home is better protected
  • Record all activity
  • View your property whilst away
  • Deter possible intruders
  • Offer protection to family members
  • Have total peace of mind

Home CCTV systems come in wired and wireless versions. If you are not sure which option to go for we can talk through the advantages of each system..

Using the latest in cutting edge equipment from MaxxOne. We will be able to tailor any installation to suit you from a 4 point system to a 16 point system. We can fit fixed dome cameras, motorized cameras or varifocal cameras all running to a receiver where you can have a monitor or we can run the camera picture to your TV or multipool TV’s.

Smart Homes

More and more homes are becoming automated meaning you can control it from your phone from anywhere in the world. You can switch your lights on, draw your curtains or even switch the kettle on when your 5 mins away from your home using the latest technology from control 4 and HDL. We can tailor your property to suit your  needs.

smart-homeMobile Control

A system is connected to your home network meaning everything can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer. There are several apps available that can easily turn your smart phone or tablet into a customised remote control for your system.



Curtain and Shading Control

With HDL and control 4 you no longer have to manually adjust your blinds or curtains to control natural lighting inside your home.

HDL and control 4 controlled curtains and blinds can be automated using timers or sensors. Alternatively they can be set to open and close automatically with sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.

We manufacture a range of both wired and wireless curtain tracks and blind motors, making it natively compatible with the other HDL or control 4 devices on the system, saving the need to invest in additional control hardware.

S.A.S  delivering integrated home automation – Picture your house as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into an intelligent 21st century smart home. We live in a world where all of the internal systems we take for granted in our homes can now be integrated and controlled in a variety of ways.

Structured Cabling

Your physical network cabling infrastructure is more important than ever, not only does it provide the backbone for all your IT networking requirements. But it is now required to run telephone systems, security, building management systems and many other IP functions. So the correct choice of product set is critical. That’s why we install systems from leading industry vendors such as CommScope Systimax, Brand-Rex, Molex, CommScope Krone, CommScope Uniprise and Belden.

We can provide your home or business with structured cabling so that you can network your home or business to suit your needs.

Bespoke Installations

At times there is a need to solve a problem to a building’s access or security issue that is not readily available on the market and this may seem like a lost cause.

Where others may try to steer you to a standard system S.A.S takes a detailed approach to fabricate specialist equipment to resolve the issue rather than just cover up the problem with a quick fix.


Sound Systems

The music system that S.A.S can set up for you is designed to play quality music across your business or home, as well as ensuring it’s reliable and easy to use. In your business playing music that you and your customers like to hear will really enhance their shopping experience. S.A.S  will ensure that you are able to take control of what gets played in your business or home.

We have a vast choice of speakers and equipment to suit your needs which can be installed. If you would like to play announcements or adverts to your customers this can also be accommodated for!

Wifi Hot Spots and Cloud Storage

With more and more demand for use of the internet we are becoming more reliant on being able to go to any location and be able to connect to the internet.

With the UBiQUiTi networks we can tailor any situation to suit your needs.

With unlimited indoor/outdoor AP scalability in a unified management system which allows you to have:

  • Breakthrough speeds up to 1300 Mbps (802.11ac)
  • Intuitive UniFi controller software
  • Hotspot management-customization and built in billing operations


Cinema Rooms

Specializing in dedicated cinema rooms. As expert cinema designers we are experts in delivering the best possible experience for a client’s budget. For dedicated cinema rooms and home theaters we design the room from the ground up with acoustics in mind – ensuring audio in the room as good as it can possibly be and minimizing sound leakage to the rest of the home.

From seating and lighting through to paint colours – once they are approved we have teams of exceptional tradesmen ready to fit out your home cinema – our team can manage the whole process from construction through to soft furnishings or we can manage the client’s own tradesmen.

Each project is unique and benefits from a custom design service. We have a huge variety of products available which allow us to maximise return for a given budget. We tend to pick products from a preferred list of manufacturers – ones who provide outstanding products and support. Our main suppliers are Trinnov Audio, Artcoustic Speakers, Sony Projectors and Cineak Home Cinema Seating. For smaller rooms and living room solutions we also use products from the likes of JVC projectors, Samsung Displays, Denon Amplification and Origin Acoustics Speakers.

If you have a home cinema project in mind please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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